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We are happy to provide emergency dental services when needed, so if you have a painful tooth, call our office right away!

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Your Trusted Dentist in Kamloops


A dental emergency can happen at the most inconvenient times – in the middle of the night, on holidays, or on vacations. In such cases, the sooner you contact your family dentist, the better. Westsyde Dental Center provides you with the promptest dentist and emergency services in Kamloops.

If you need an experienced dentist in Kamloops, Westsyde Dental Center is happy to accept new patients. We serve patients of all ages — from toddlers and children to adults and seniors. Our dentist, Dr. Rick Mehta B.Sc., D.M.D., has been practicing for over 20 years.

We love our community and treat our patients like family. Please view before and after photos in our Gallery.

For your convenience, we offer some Monday and Friday appointments.

If you are looking for trusted dentists in Kamloops, please call and speak to our front desk to learn more about services.

Dental Services in Kamloops


We know the feeling, and we’re available to step in. Don’t hesitate to call to know about our different types of family dentist services in Kamloops. We offer a range of general dentistry services for your oral care needs. We do not focus on just one area – we do it all!

Oral examinations: Routine oral examinations are essential to maintain your dental and overall health. They help avoid severe dental diseases and encourage the healthy development of teeth in growing children.

Root canal treatment: Root canal treatment is a common procedure to address infected and decaying teeth. We will remove the infected tooth root, clean the inside of your tooth and then fill it.

Veneers: Dental veneers are custom-made shells that replicate the appearance and functioning of your teeth. They can improve chewing, speaking, and smiling for those who've lost their teeth.

Whitening: Our professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that causes no damage to your enamel. It will leave you with a bright smile that enhances your confidence.

Wisdom teeth removal: The appearance of a wisdom tooth can cause immense pain. We can remove it safely and eliminate your discomfort.

Emergency dentistry: Emergency dental scenarios such as cracked teeth or an infection call for immediate intervention. We provide emergency dentistry services with minimal waiting times.

X-rays: We can conduct dental x-rays to acquire a comprehensive picture of your teeth and dental health.

If you have a particular requirement but are unsure if we can meet it, please speak to us.

Bonding: Dental bonding is a non-invasive and painless dental procedure to fix cracked, chipped, discoloured, and decayed teeth. The process involves applying a tooth-coloured resin to the area and 'bonding' it with the help of a special light.

Bridges: Dental bridges are the ideal solution if you have a missing tooth because they bridge the gap left by it. Generally, a bridge includes a crown on both sides of the missing tooth, supporting the fake tooth.

Bruxism treatment: If you're prone to grinding and clenching your teeth to the point that they suffer damage, you might require bruxism treatment. We will provide you with a mouthguard to prevent dental problems.

Crowns: A dental crown is a cap we put over your damaged natural teeth, whether from decay or injury. It restores and guards the natural teeth when fillings can't do the job.

Dental cleaning: Professional dental cleaning is a fundamental part of a healthy dental routine and goes hand in hand with flossing and brushing. We will remove plaque and bacteria buildup and conduct preventative assessments.

Fillings: A dental filling is a common procedure to address tooth decay. We will remove the decayed part and 'fill' it. Fillings are also suitable for cracked, broken, worn down, and chipped teeth.

Implants: Dental implant surgery involves replacing tooth roots with metal posts and then placing the artificial teeth over them. Dental implants greatly enhance the comfort of those who suffer from tooth loss.

Inlays: Inlays are suitable when a filling is not enough, but a crown is unnecessary. Inlays will fill in cavities and holes in the area between the cusps.

Onlays: Onlays are similar to inlays, but they cover a larger area, including the cusps. Onlays protect your teeth when there is decay.

SureSmile®: SureSmile®  involves using clear aligners that can straighten and move teeth. An increasing number of people choose them over traditional braces because of the added convenience.

Laser dentistry: We use cutting-edge laser dentistry to perform numerous dental procedures with maximum precision. It offers more comfort than standard drills.

Our Team

Our practice is a team of dedicated, friendly, and capable professionals with the common interest of making your dental experience the best possible. Each of our staff members regularly attends continuing education courses and office meetings to keep current on the latest dental techniques and technology.

Westsyde Dental Center team

New Patients Welcome!

Westsyde Dental Center is currently accepting new patients, so don’t put off your next exam or dental procedure. We serve patients of all ages, providing complete general dentistry services in a professional and welcoming environment. For any family dentist services in Kamloops, get in touch with our team.

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