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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Kamloops


At Westsyde Dental Centre, we proudly provide wisdom teeth removal services in Kamloops. Our priority is to make sure that you're comfortable throughout the procedure. Wisdom teeth usually start developing at the rear of the mouth and often don't surface until adolescence or early adulthood. Due to their late emergence, they can grow in a way that leads to crowding, causing them to emerge at awkward angles or not fully appear. This situation commonly results in significant discomfort, making wisdom teeth removal necessary.

Neglecting the extraction of abnormally growing wisdom teeth can lead to complications such as cellulitis, abscesses, dental decay, and gum disease. Please schedule an appointment with us for wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops in case of any wisdom teeth discomfort. For more detailed information, please explore our FAQs section.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Given the potential complications associated with wisdom teeth, it is advisable to have them removed. Wisdom teeth can contribute to oral health issues that include: orofacial pain, dental disease, and decay. At Westsyde Dental Center, we highly recommend professional wisdom teeth removal services for residents in Kamloops. Swift removal reduces the risk of oral complications, ensuring better overall dental health.

The Benefits of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


Here are some benefits of removing your wisdom tooth.

  • You will enjoy good dental hygiene. It will be easier to brush and maintain your teeth. ​

  • Your teeth will not be as crowded. A space crunch would mean your wisdom teeth could force their way between or behind other teeth. The problem is that if food gets trapped between your wisdom and adjacent teeth, it slowly leads to decay and more cavities.

  • You can avoid tumours or cysts in your jawbone. The pain can be intense. A dentigerous cyst, for instance, is formed at the crown of a wisdom tooth.

We’re a family-oriented, general dentistry office serving patients of all ages, and we have special interests in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and laser dentistry. The people around us matter, and we have their best dental interests in mind. Do not hesitate to call Westsyde Dental Center today to request emergency wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops. Have a look at our gallery to see some happy patients.

When Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?


Typically, wisdom teeth emerge between the ages of 17-25 and are detected through X-rays. If they align correctly and are in a functional position that is easy to clean, you may not need to remove them. However, removal becomes necessary if:

  • The wisdom teeth are impacted and lack sufficient space for proper emergence and development.

  • The wisdom teeth grow in a crooked manner, occupying excessive space.

  • The wisdom teeth become trapped inside the gums or jaw.

  • The appearance of wisdom teeth results in intense pain.

  • The growth of wisdom teeth leads to the formation of cysts.

  • The emergence of wisdom teeth causes inflammation of the gums.

  • Wisdom teeth are challenging to clean, contributing to the development of cavities.

Please schedule an appointment to clarify whether you require wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops.


Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?  


In the section above, we've mentioned the various issues associated with the growth of wisdom teeth that necessitate removal. While in some people, the appearance of wisdom teeth might not create any problems, such instances are rare. Typically, the appearance of wisdom teeth is associated with much pain and discomfort, which only a removal can remedy. Apart from this, improperly growing wisdom teeth can cause numerous issues. When there is a partially erupted wisdom tooth, there is an opening around it, which provides conditions conducive to bacteria growth and eventual infections. There is a high chance of cysts developing near wisdom teeth, which can cause significant damage to the other teeth and the jawbone. Lastly, crooked wisdom teeth can cause moving and shifting, which has associated impacts such as later problems in chewing and speaking.


Early wisdom teeth removal will prevent these complications from occurring in the first place. If you'd like to know more, please contact our team. We invite you to view our financing section if you're wondering about financing.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Process


Wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops follows a meticulous process to ensure a smooth patient experience:

  • Before the procedure: Our team will administer a local or general anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the wisdom teeth removal process.

  • During the procedure: Our skilled professionals will delicately extract the wisdom teeth while closely monitoring the surgical site to prevent the occurrence of dry sockets. This involves ensuring that a blood clot forms before the wound starts healing.

  • After the procedure: Following the removal, we will guide post-operative care to facilitate optimal healing. Using ice packs and prescribed pain medication can help manage any discomfort.

Trust our experienced team to prioritize your comfort and well-being for comprehensive wisdom teeth removal services in Kamloops.

Visit our FAQ section and our gallery to learn more about our services!

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare


Discover the essential steps for post-wisdom teeth removal care at Westsyde Dental Center in Kamloops: 

  • Aftercare essentials: Following your wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops, it's essential to prioritize your recovery. Westsyde Dental Center is here to provide you with comprehensive aftercare guidance.

  • Pain management: Expect some discomfort after your wisdom teeth removal. We'll prescribe or recommend pain relievers to manage any pain effectively. Be sure to follow the dosage instructions.

  • Swelling and bruising: Swelling and bruising around the surgical area are joint. Applying an ice pack in 20-minute intervals can help reduce these symptoms.

  • Dietary restrictions: Stick to soft foods for the first few days. Avoid hot, spicy, or hard foods that may irritate the surgical sites. Westsyde Dental Center can provide you with a list of recommended foods.

  • Oral hygiene: Maintain your oral hygiene, but be gentle around the surgical area. We'll advise you on when and how to resume regular brushing and flossing.

  • Rest and recovery: Rest is crucial for a smooth recovery. Avoid strenuous activities, and get plenty of sleep to aid the healing process.

  • Follow-up appointments: Schedule and attend your follow-up appointments at our Kamloops clinic. We'll monitor your progress and ensure your wisdom teeth removal recovery is on track.

  • Questions and concerns: If you have any questions or experience unusual symptoms during your recovery, don't hesitate to contact Westsyde Dental Center in Kamloops for assistance. You can also go through our FAQ section for more information. 

Remember, proper care after removing wisdom teeth is vital to a comfortable and swift recovery. Westsyde Dental Center is your partner in this process, ensuring your well-being.



We prove safe and swift wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops.

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