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Your Local Dental Clinic in Kamloops

At Westsyde Dental Center, we believe that everybody deserves a healthy set of teeth and good oral health. Our dental clinic in Kamloops strives to provide our patients with quality treatments. We are committed to your smile for beauty, comfort, and overall health. Our entire team is focused on giving you the gentle, personalized care you deserve in a calm, professional setting.


We’re here for your regular cleanings and procedures in our fully digital office, and we’re your guides for effective home care to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. Contact our dental clinic in Kamloops for your dental issues.


Emergency Dental Care

Even with an optimal oral hygiene routine in place, unexpected dental issues can arise. One of the most common problems resulting in immediate emergency dental care is tooth sensitivity. Such a situation can result from any of the following:


Tooth decay

Tooth decay affects your tooth enamel and affects the basic structure of your tooth. Tooth decay can lead to serious dental problems if not treated on time.



When you consume sugary foods, the sugar combines with the plaque weakening your tooth and leading to cavities. The plaque particles attack your tooth's enamel, causing holes known as cavities. Though there are no symptoms in the early stages, with the help of an x-ray, our dental team can spot the cavities and suggest remedial measures for them.


Chipped teeth

You won't experience any pain in your chipped tooth unless the chip exposes the nerves in the interior of your tooth. When the nerves are exposed, you might encounter tooth sensitivity and pain when eating and drinking hot or cold things.



Gingivitis is a gum disease that occurs when plaque buildup on the tooth causes inflammation of the gums. Inflamed gums can also turn red and begin bleeding if not taken care of properly. With proper care and early detection, gingivitis can be easily cured.


Gum issues

Like gingivitis, several other gum issues can develop if you don't maintain good oral hygiene. Consulting your dentist early on is also a great way to maintain healthy teeth and gums.



A tooth abscess is caused by bacterial buildup in the form of pus in the tooth's center. Usually occurring due to tooth decay, broken, chipped, or an injured tooth, abscess causes severe toothache and inflammation. Getting the help of a dentist in such cases is the best way to avoid getting an abscess.


In such cases, immediate action is important to eliminate pain and reduce the risk of the condition worsening. Our dental care service in Kamloops provides a convenient option for addressing such issues quickly.

Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

Ignoring your dental emergency can worsen it and lead to irreversible consequences. Often, people find it hard to discern between situations that require emergency dental care and those that don't. We advise our clients to check these common signs:

  • You have dental bleeding.

  • You have swelling inside your mouth.

  • You have intolerable pain.

  • You have a taste akin to metal in your mouth.

  • You had tooth pain, but your gum suddenly went numb.

If you notice anything amiss, we recommend speaking to us immediately. We'll try our hardest to accommodate you as soon as possible.

After-Hours Dentistry

Dental emergencies call for immediate interventions. Dr. Mehta is available after hours to provide you with appropriate care if you suffer from a dental emergency. We provide prompt, compassionate, and efficient emergency care.

If you require an emergency after-hours dental appointment, please reach out to us now.

Why Choose Us?

At Westsyde Dental Center, our team guides you through the entire dental care process. You can have peace of mind because you have professionals to assist you quickly and efficiently. Our wide range of services and quality treatments aren’t the only reasons families choose us for their dental care in Kamloops. We also have a friendly team and a family-focused environment that our patients love.

Dental Services

Our clinic provides dental care during regular business hours. Westsyde Dental Center offers a full range of general and emergency dental services so that you can get the relief you need without having to wait. We ensure that your dental experience with us is as easy-going as possible.

Friendly Team

Quality customer service is a top priority at the Westsyde Dental Center office. Our friendly team is attentive and helpful in every way. We want to earn a reputation for caring—and we do truly have your best interests at heart. We are kind and dependable and strive to create a positive dental care experience in Kamloops.

Contact Us Today

Have questions or special concerns? Please come in our clinic in Kamloops and tell us about it. Our team at Westsyde Dental Center can answer your questions and put together a treatment plan that works for you at our dental care in Kamloops.

Professional Dental Care in Kamloops

Get regular & emergency dental services from our dedicated team of professionals.

Emergency Care

 You're always welcome at our dental clinic in Kamloops. Our team has years of experience in providing emergency dental care.

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